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About Talley

Talley Scott is an artist and interior designer from Fort Worth Texas who is known for her great sense of color and design. Talley Scott is a self-taught artist who fell in love with flowers and landscapes as she studied to be an a Texas Master Gardener. Combinations of patterns, textures and colors have always captured her attention and have sparked a motivation for her art. These patterns and textures are most often found while she is working with textiles for a design job or out in the natural world. Talley loves to work in all mediums but especially enjoys working with oil and cold wax, as well as with acrylic. While using both of these mediums, she add layers to her pieces with oil pastel, oil sticks and charcoal. Throughout her painting process, her intuitive nature allows her to make expressive markings that include layering and repeating imagery in organic and unexpected manner. Talley splits her time living in both Fort Worth and Austin, Texas.
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